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HONEY Vol.30

Finding Surfers Shangri-La

 First ever Mentawai feature on Japanese Women Surf Magazine

The full 12 pages article by one of Alaia Mentawai Founder Natsuko Shibata. 

Beautiful Images by Keoki Saguibo, Dave Mathew, Sarah Lee and Brooklyn Dombroski

Featured Surfers / Sierra Norris, Rosie Jaffurs, Victoria Vergara, Anna Ehrgott and more...


LOST NOT FOUND Vol.1 Issue 2

Pilgrimage to Mentawai

Sierra and Zye Norris come from opposite's side of the world whose love for surfing has brought the stylish couple together in the Disneyland of waves to frolic in the empty lineups and score a trip of the couple's lifetime. Photography by Keoki Saguibo


White Horse Magazine Issue 34

She Surfs, and She Has Stories

The Mentawai article by Surfer Anna Erhgott and Photographer Sarah Lee on White Horse Magazine issue 34. A collection of powerful, beautiful and authentic storytelling, accompanied by captivating ocean photography and art: Issue 34 She Has Stories is a White Horses special edition dedicated entirely to the women of the sea.

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CARVE Issue 192


Alaia Mentawai was featured on Carve Magazine "LUXURY SURF TRAVELl guide. Released in December 2018. 

Double page and article imaged by Alaia Mentawai founder Dave Mathew

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The Quieter You Are The More You Can Hear.

Craig Anderson has been working on a new film with Kai Neville, and Dav Fox titled The Quieter You Are The More You Can Hear. Eighteen months of filming rolled into twenty-minutes of bliss. The whispers of “film of the year” make sense. It’s a doozy so sit back and enjoy. – What Youth

Including Scenes from a Monster Swell in Mentawai while his stay at Alaia Mentawai

Cast: Craig Anderson

Film: Dave Fox/Kai Neville

Edit: Kai Neville


Victoria Vergara 

Courbet Jewelry Campaign 

Victoria Vergara x Courbet Jewelry Campaign shoot. 

Courbet exclusively uses lab-grown diamonds as well as recycled gold. Which it brings positive impact to our nature such as no need to mining on our earth to find diamond or gold. 

Drone/Film: Dave Mathew, Natsuko Shibata

Photographs: Tahnei Roy