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Alaia will be utilising the Mentawai Fast Ferry throughout 2020 to get you from Padang to the Mentawai's.

The Mentawai Fast Ferry has proven itself to be one of the most Reliable and Safest options on getting you to the Islands.


 You will require a nights stay in Padang either end of your trip as the ferry departs 7am in the morning and on the return journey arrives back to Padang at 6.30pm night time. We can help book the hotel in Padang for you as we get corporate rates at certain hotels.

  Getting to the Mentawai Islands is a journey in itself and requires all modes of transport, Alaia's Transport fee makes getting to Alaia as seamless as possible.


  Once you have arrived at Padang Airport our representative will be waiting for you, they will then transport you and your luggage  to your hotel for the night, the following morning they will pick you up nice and early to take you to the Mentawai Fast Ferry harbour, Here they will pass onto you your ferry tickets. We definitely recommend waking up early and having some breakfast before the journey begins.

 The ferry ride on Tuesdays & Saturdays departs Padang at 7am sharp and travels to Sikabuluhan first, there will be a 1 hour stop here where you can hop off and grab a coffee or snack at the basic warungs before travelling the rest of the Journey to Siberut(closest port to Alaia). The ferry should arrive at around 1pm where Alaia's speed boat will be waiting to load you and your luggage onto the boat and take you on the rest of the journey.

 You will arrive to Alaia around 2pm and can unpack your luggage and head straight for some afternoon waves.

On Thursdays the ferry departs Padang at 7am and heads direct to Siberut(closest port to Alaia) and will arrive at around 10.30am, our speedboat will have you at Alaia before lunch ready for the full afternoon of surf or adventures.

For the return Journey on Tuesdays & Saturdays the Ferry will depart Siberut(closest port to Alaia) at 3pm and head directly to Padang, you should arrive in Padang around 6.30pm and our driver will be waiting to take you to your hotel for the night, the following day the driver will transfer you to the airport for your Flight Home.

 On Thursdays the ferry will depart Siberut(closest port to Alaia) at 12pm and head  to Padang via Sikabuluhan, you should arrive in Padang around 6.30pm and our driver will be waiting for you.




Alaia Mentawai is located on the north west tip of Pulau(Island) Nyang Nyang in the Northern Mentawais.The Mentawai Islands are a chain of about seventy islands and islets off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia.  The islands lie approximately 150 kilometres (93 miles) off the Sumatran coast, across the Mentawai Strait.

Alaia Mentawai is located in what is commonly refered to as "The Playgrounds" as it is a true surfers Playground, with worldclass waves in every direction all within close proximity to Alaia Mentawai. But its not only a Surfers Playground it is also a natural Playground full of vibrant colourful reefs, white sand beaches, Coconut Palms and Lush tropical Jungle. 


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