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Level : Intermediate Surfers 

Recommend Season: January - May, September - October 

Level : Advanced +Surfers 

Recommend Season: All year around (except November / December)  

Peak Season : Mid May - August


For Intermediate Surfers

Intermediate Surfer - Starting to surf larger waves ( head high +), confident in a variety of waves, starting to try more  moves 

Intermediate advanced Surfer - Confidently Surfs a variety of waves and conditions, can perform more advanced moves starting to get barrelled, 

Looking for the perfect season to catch some fun waves? If you're an intermediate level surfer, our Season from January to May or September to October is the ideal time for you. Take your surfing to the next level with us. Our team of experienced surf guides will take you to the best surf spots where you can skill up and have fun on the waves. 

For Advanced + Surfers 

Advanced- Confident surfer - performs advanced moves, airs, carves, turns , confident in barrelling waves, 

Expert - pro level without the sponsors

You will have fun at Mentawai all year round. 

If you are after some fun waves, visit Alaia between March - May, September

If you are after some big barrels or some challenging waves, we recommend to visit us between May - Mid September. 


Come experience the ultimate surf trip with ALAIA MENTAWAI. Limited spots are available for the 2024 season, so don't wait to book your adventure. Send us a request for quotation today!

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