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Girls Trip in March

Popular Youtuber Eryn Krouse and Photographer Lia Turiano decided last minute trip to Alaia.

Fashion Model Madi Ross and her friends Beckie and Amy also joined to Eryn and Lia. It became a fun girls trip!

March is so so so much fun! I love March, Hot Tropical days with clean fun waves!

The girls scored tones of perfect waves by themselves while their stay.

Golden Hour / Eryn Krouse

Bird eye view by Lia Turiano

Eryn Krouse. Smooth style

Beckie, Madi, Amy and Eryn. Cr: Lia Turiano

Madi Ross

We scored so many Perfect Waves by ourselves.

Eryn Krouse at Beach Bungalow. Cr: Lia Turiano

Palm Trees and Clear Water





Eryn Krouse Youtube “Mentawais Girl’s Surf Trip”

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