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Relax is Luxury

2 couples from Australia Leigh and Daniela, Archie and Arden. They visited Alaia as soon as the restriction loosen up.But still there were some restrictions and It made a bit hard for them to this plan a trip as the restriction was consistently changing when they booked.

But Australians have been not able to traveling overseas for longtime, they needed this trip to happen and they deserved it!

Leigh and Archie are both great surfers, they surfed some heavier waves and barrels and yes, tones of Bintangs!

While the boys were surfing, Girls had a lots of relaxing time at Alaia. Arden told me that she was so busy with work at home before the trip, and there were no time to do anything.

Just lay in the sun and read books. Disconnect from usual life routine. This simple things feels so special especialy when you have been so busy and non stop working. Doing nothing is so luxury.

I took some 120mm and 35mm film shots of the girls at Alaia Pool. Also some from when we went to beach walk at Alaia Back Beach. I LOVE this back beach. No one around, no steps on the Beach, Big shore breaks and beautiful landscapes.

Makes me feel like we are only the people exist on the earth.

Arden and Daniela / Nikon F2 x Ilford HP5

Canon A1 x Portra 160

Mamiya 645 x Portra 400

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