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Alaia Mentawai is surrounded by some of the worlds best waves. With consistancy and variety that can't be matched,from perfect barrels,long walls, rippable peaks and even some waves for the less experienced. Our focus is on our guests and their experience in the Mentawais, not our own. With ultimate guest satisfaction in mind we only take small groups ,our boats are never an instant crowd and we find the waves that suit you! 



Alaia Mentawai may be a brand new resort but we are not new to the area. 2019 will be our elevent consecutive season living and working in the Northern Mentawais, Experience and knowledge is Key to scoring our guests some of the waves of their lives!! Below is a summary of just a few of the areas most known waves, that you have all heard about, but there are numerous other waves that we prefer to keep quiet about. If you are lucky and the conditions are right, you could be surfing some

amazing waves just as good if not better than the talked about spots, all to yourselves.

Your home is well prepared for your return,

perfectly set to whatever makes you most comfortable 

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