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"Ducros Family's annual surf trip at Alaia Mentawai"

Updated: Apr 26

Our favourite Surf family from Hossegor. Mathiue the coffee roaster and father, Mother Dr. Elodie and 15 years old ripper Leon. And there annual Mentawai Surf Family Trip.


Surise boat ride
Sunrise boat ride

Mathieu, Elo and Leon, One of the coolest surf family we know!

2024 was the Ducros family's third trip to ALAIA. Normally they visit Early season in February, for this year they decided to visit us in April.

Their first trip to Alaia was right before there craziness of the pandemic, Leon was still small and not really into surfing yet.

Now, he is 15 years old, and rips like his father and has all the style of his mother! (check shots of his turn below)

Another thing we love to talk with them is defiantly about "surf boards"

This family's surfboard collections are always cool. Every year they bring something new and interesting. Longboard, Mid-Length Single, Twin, Shortboards. They ride basically everything that feels fun to ride!

A surfer getting barrelled
Mathieu Ducros under the shade of Mentawai

A female surfer riding a wave
Elodie Forward running though fun left in the Mentawai Islands

Elo has such a smooth style.

A young male surfer on the wave
Leon top turn.

Leon, every visit it's great to see his progression. Now at 15 he is ripping!

A female surfer doing big back side turn
Does Your mum rip like Elodie?

A male surf portrait in the ocean
Water portrait of Mathieu Ducros

Mathieu is the founder and Coffee Roaster at his coffee brand and cafe VOLT in Hossegor, France

A young surf doing powerful curving turn while his father watching
Leon showing off to his father, powerful grab rail turn

A female surf smiling at end of the wave
Water portrait of Elodie Fourcade

Elodie is so kind, funny and style icon.

A male surfer surfing with relaxing style

Mathieu just crusin'. He is so chill, and humble.

Water angle of A young male surfer turn
Leon's powerful curving turn

His surfing improved so much in a year. Can't wait to watch his surfing on his next visit.

All Images are credited to David Mathew from Alaia Mentawai

Check out Mathieu's roasted coffee VOLT from here


Are you looking for a cool surf trip like the Ducros Family had?

Check some recommended trip dates from here.

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